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New Youth Books September 2021

Board Books

McDonald, Jill – Baby Animals
Stutzman, Jonathan – Tiny T. Rex and the Tricks of Treating

Beginning Readers

Krulik, Nancy – Is it Hanukkah Yet?

Children’s Fiction

Dean, Kimberly & James – Pete the Cat’s Groovy Imagination

Evans, Rebecca – If You Ever Meet a Skeleton

Fleming, Candace – Bulldozer’s Christmas Dig

Geron, Eric – Poultrygeist

Greenawalt, Kelly – I am a Good Friend

Grimly, Gris – 10 Spooky Pumpkins

Higgins, Ryan T. – Thanks for Nothing!

Ivinson, Yvonne – Fox and the Box

LaRochelle, David – See the Dog: Three Stories about a Cat

Mabbitt, Will – Lost in the Museum: A Seek-and-Find Adventure in the MET

Stutzman, Jonathan – Bear is a Bear

Stutzman, Jonathan – Tine T. Rex and the Impossible Hug

Willan, Alex – Dragons are the Worst!

Children’s Non-Fiction

Gorman, Amanda – Change Sings A Children’s Anthem

McCann, Jackie – If the World Were 100 People

Murray, Helen – Lego Magical Ideas

Juvenile Fiction

Applegate, Katherine – Willodeen

Ecton, Emily – The Great Pet Heist

Ecton, Emily – The Great Ghost Hoax

Glaser, Karina Yan – The Vanderbeekers Make a Wish

Keller, Tae – When You Trap a Tiger

Lupica, Mike – Defending Champ

Maddox, Jake – Snowboarding Surprise

Maddox, Jake – Longboard Legdown

May, Kyla – Pug’s Snow Day

May, Kyla – Pug’s Got Talent

May, Kyla – Scaredy-Pug

McDonald, Megan – Judy Moody in a Monday Mood

Pennypacker, Sara – Pax

Pennypacker, Sara – Pax Journey Home

Simon, Coco – Donut Goals (Donut Dreams #7)

Stilton, Geronimo – Garbage Dump Disaster

Stilton, Thea – Thea Stilton and the Roman Holiday

Sumner, Jamie – Tune it Out

Sumner, Jamie – Roll With It

Tarshis, Lauren – I Survived the Galveston Hurricane, 1900

Wood, Maryrose – The Mysterious Howling

Wood, Maryrose – The Hidden Gallery

Wood, Maryrose – The Unseen Guest

Yang, Kelly – Room to Dream

Young Adult Fiction

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn – The Hawthorne Legacy

Hopkins, Ellen – What About Will

Young Adult Non-Fiction

Agnone, Julie Vosburgh – Amazing Rivers

Gutman, Dan – Amelia Earhart Is on the Moon?

Graphic Novels

Ewing, Al – The Green Door

Ewing, Al – The Immortal Hulk

Ewing, Al – Breaker of Worlds

Ewing, Al – Hulk is Hulk

Ewing, Al – The Keeper of the Door

Furudate, Haruichi – Haikyu!! 6

Harper, Charise Mericle – Bad Sister

Holm, Jennifer – Swing It, Sunny

Martin, Ann M. – Kristy and the Snobs